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Business and Industry

During Liberal's early days, agriculture was the economic basis. Agriculture's important role continues today with the expansion into vast cattle feeding operations, dairies, and corporate pork production. After the 1950's, Liberal's economy diversified from purely agricultural to make way for the oil and gas field development bringing about dramatic changes to our area. To show its continued commitment to new industries, Liberal and Seward County have created an enhanced "enterprise zone" county-wide and offers job creation tax credits and sales tax exemptions. In addition, the state of Kansas has many economic development programs to help new and existing businesses.

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in Kansas, Liberal proves daily through its diversified economy, that it is indeed a great place to work! From a Fortune 500 company to the smallest home-based business, Liberal's economy provides a positive business climate in which companies prosper. As a result, companies such as Mobile Oil, Oxy USA, Anadarko Petroleum, Panhandle Eastern, High Plains Pizza, Nation Helium, National Carriers, and National Beef have chosen Liberal as a base for their operations.

Located at the crossroads of U.S. 54 and U.S. 83, near the borders of Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas, the city is ideally situated for transporting materials via truck. Highway 54 is a major truck route across the U.S. and some of the nation's biggest trucking lines have developed permanent stations here to provide driver rest and equipment turnaround points.

A mainline track of the Southern Pacific also provides a quick and efficient flow of material in an east-west direction and is adjoined by two industrial parks for easy access. National Carriers has Kansas' largest fleet of refrigerated truck trailers. Sunrise Carriers also has a fleet of refrigerated trucks available.

Liberal is proud to offer so many services and conveniences connected with its airport. Originally built as a B-24 training base and continually improved for over 50 years, Liberal Municipal Airport offers all-weather capability for business jets, general aviation aircraft and smaller commercial jet aircraft. Commuter air service provides daily flights to and from Denver for anyone needing quick access to anywhere in the country. Charter flights are also readily available for specific air travel needs.

Seward County is a regional shopping hub, with a trade population over 80,000 people. On any given day, care with license plates from Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, as well as other southwest Kansas areas crowd into Liberal's various shopping areas. With a wide selection of specialty shops, department stores, discount stores, and malls, no one ever goes away empty handed.

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